Personal Statement Workshop


If you are a secondary school student and intend to study outside your home country, you are required to provide universities with your final school examination results as well an approximately page-long text, which summarises your academic achievements, plans and personal traits. This particular text is called a PERSONAL STATEMENT.

Producing an excellent Personal Statement is an invaluable ingredient of a successful university application procedure and it can greatly improve the candidates’ academic prospects. Recognizing the need for university candidates to submit first-rate Personal Statements, our company offers a full-day workshop run by leaders with international education expertise, who will take the participants through the nuts and bolts of producing a high-standard Personal Statement. 

Our Personal Statement Workshop will provide you with unique opportunities that will assist you in the process of achieving your academic goals during the course of your secondary school programme and far beyond. We will teach you techniques for formal text writing and producing your own original and distinctive Personal Statement, which will help you stand out as a university candidate, facilitating your application process and, consequently, increasing your chances of success.

During the workshop, our leaders will take you step by step through the process of planning and drafting your Personal Statement according to the internationally recognised standards. The seminar will take mainly a practical interactive approach, but it will also touch upon some necessary theoretical points. The workshop will comprise three 90-minute sessions, each one focussing on different aspects and skills of the Personal Statement writing process:

Session 1 will help you familiarise yourself with the aim and format of the Personal Statement.

Session 2 will focus on more technical aspects, namely the language conventions that should be utilized in this particular text type.

Session 3 will provide you with an opportunity to start drafting your own Personal Statement with the assistance of the workshop leaders, who will provide individual advice and suggest improvements.

Our workshop is aimed at secondary students attending both Polish and international schools, and our intention is for the participants to leave the seminar with a clear plan of their Personal Statement and indispensable tools for completing the task successfully on their own. 

We also enable you to continue your Personal Statement writing process with additional guidance of our highly experienced workshop leaders in the form individual face-to-face or online consultations.

Our workshop is the first one of the kind, taking place in Poland. Do not miss this wonderful academic opportunity!