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Do you need IB tutor? If so, you came to the right place!

Our beginnings date back to 2005. We began from organising private lessons and high school exam preparations in mathematics. Quickly we realised that our students want more from us, thats why since the second year of our activity we also help in other subjects than mathematics. One can say, that we are devoted to the IB program – we fell in love with it just like millions of students around the world.

We specialize in tutoring IB students as well as pre-IB, MYP, IGCSE and A-Level, offering lessons from all the most popular subjects.

IB classes are dedicated for ambitious students, because this program requires a lot of commitment and sacrifice. Therefore, if a student is looking for ways, to organise their knowledge, get the best grades, boost their confidence as well as get accepted to their dream university, then our tutors will surely help in achieving that.

We teach according to the syllabus while focusing on the student’s spectacular results and trying to achieve them in the shortest time possible.

Regular contact with the student’s parent is extremely important, as that helps monitor the student’s progress, make changes, in the way the classes are organised, it builds trust as well as help in developing a long-term relationship. Thanks to that an individual approach to students is not a theory, but a basis of the relationship in IB Tutors.

We cooperate with exceptional teachers and tutors, for them the wellbeing of each of our student is their priority. A teacher is supposed to be a partner, that surrounds the student with his care, helps develop, teaches independence, shows different possibilities and most of all is able to solve even the most complicated problems.

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