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With pleasure we publicate emails that we get from our students. We are not able to include all of them, especially when the content is very similar. Please get acquainted with the opinions below.

“I contacted Mrs. Wiola after a friend recommended I do so as I was way behind in my math knowledge. My first lesson was right before the start of my final year in the IB programme, meaning I had more or less 9 months to catch up not only on the IB math studies material but also as it later turned out I had gaps in my math knowledge going back to as far as primary school. It was clear to everyone that I hated the topic and after having multiple tutors during my studies I have officially given up and was convinced I would barely pass my exams. After a couple of lessons with Mrs Wiola I have quickly realised that does not have to be the case and that I can achieve a good grade in the subject. Within a couple of months not only did we manage to go through all the material I had trouble with during my first year (basically everything) but we were also ahead of schedule. I started liking maths and realised it does not have to be hard, my grades soon started to get better and better. Mrs Wiola was the first, and till this day the only, person who could explain maths to me in a way that it all became simple and not complicated. I managed to pass my IB exams with a 6 in math studies and will forever be grateful for all that she thought me. The knowledge I got out of those classes is still helping me even with my University level statistics courses. If you ever think that your brain “just isn’t made for maths” like I thought, I can guarantee you, Mrs Wiola will prove you wrong.”

Julia Kozinska

“Mrs. Wioletta prepared me for the IB HL Mathematics exam. I came to Mrs. Violeta late and I still had a lot to catch up to. I did not feel strong in mathematics and I was afraid of the final exam. The very intensive and effective lessons had greatly raised my level of knowledge and confidence for the exam, which resulted in a high grade. Ms. Wioletta was able to motivate me to work, significantly reduce my stress towards the exam and even force me to fight for myself and my results. She also suggested very simple solutions and tricks that I had no idea about before, and they were very useful to me. I am glad that I could work under the watchful eye of Mrs. Violet and the only thing I really regret is that I did not go to her much earlier.

I can honestly and wholeheartedly recommend Mrs. Wioletta, especially to all future graduates.”

Michał Czarnota, Absolwent warszawskiej prywatnej szkoły IB

“Towards the end of the first year of the IB program, having only been able to score 5s and a few 6s in my mathematics standard level class and at the same time being completely reluctant to any sort of revision, along with my mother we found Ms Wojda through a work-friend recommendation. I can definitely say that she’s an absolutely amazing teacher who has helped me achieve a level 7 at the end of the course. In addition to being patient in regards to explaining mathematical concepts and passing on her knowledge, she also has the valuable ability to motivate her students. She encouraged me to revise, at the same time making it extremely easy to enjoy her lessons! I can honestly say that if you’re looking for a teacher that will not only do her job, but also care, support and advice you/your child in a considerate way taking into account abilities, willingness as well as future career plans Ms Wojda is definitely the way to go. Without her and her positive attitude I wouldn’t have been able to regain my confidence in mathematics and consequently other subjects. She’s an extraordinary teacher and I’m certainly glad I can also call her my friend!”

Anna Skrzypek, graduated of The British School Warsaw

“I have met Ms Wioletta Wojda while I was studying for my International Baccalaureate exams during the school year of 2014/2015. Within few months, she has not only managed to go through the entire material and solve all the past exams with me but also, or maybe in the first place she has successfully managed to greatly improve my self confidence and my will to study. I consider Ms Wojda as a very good teacher, taking into account her background as well as her inter personal skills which highly improve her cooperation with a student.

Ms Wioletta Wojda has been very carefully analyzing my capabilities and did her best to find an interesting and understandable approach to every problem. I felt, that she was treating me very individually, and because of that she was able to better develop my talents. I would like to stress that Ms Wojda is a very patient person, it comes very handy when a problem needs to be explained once again…and then again… Additionally she was never giving up, if a previous approach to a problem wasn’t fully understandable, she was looking for another way to explain the issue. What is more, she has never left any room for doubts. Every problem was carefully explained from the beginning to the very end, and she wouldn’t let go until she was sure that the problem was not a problem anymore. Additional advantage of Ms Wojda is her unique attitide – she is a very involved and conscientious person – she has paid attention to every detail such as notation or an approach to the problem. For this reason I have truly felt that I am understanding the problems rather than that I am learning maths by heart. Ms Wojda had always a very serious approach to her work – she was always very well prepared, therefore the lessons were very effective and efficient, I always felt that the time I spent with her was used to the very last minute.

Ms Wioletta Wojda is a very competent and demanding teacher on one hand and very student friendly on the other. There was always a great atmosphere of a team work during the lessons. I have very much liked this approach, it was pushing me to work even harder. Due to the friendly atmosphere the time was passing by very quickly and I have never felt tired after the lessons. Thanks to her positive attitude she was showing me that the hard work pays off. She was always cheering me up in the tough moments. For me it was very important that I could treat her more like a team mate than just a teacher.

I am very satisfied with the results of my work with Ms Wioletta Wojda, therefore I would like to recommend her as an excellent teacher. I am confident that working with Ms Wojda allows every individual to truly understand maths and achieve outstanding results.”

Iga, Stefan Batory High School Alumna

“I have always had problems with mathematics. Even though I attended many classes with different tutors, I was not able to understand anything. I found Mrs. Wiola through the internet, after the first few lessons I started to see that maths is very logical! Mrs. Wiola is the best at explaining everything in a simple way, she taught me more in 6 months than all my teachers over 2 years. Not only have I started to understand mathematics, I started liking it (I never thought that would happen). Mrs. Wiial on top of being amazing at explaining and motivating, she has an interesting and fun personality. So going to class did not cause any difficulties. Learning with you, Mrs Wiola was a pleasure, thank you!”

Nina Budrewicz

“I got in touch with Wiola when I found myself in a troublesome situation, my mathematics exams were not far off, and my perspectives were pessimistic to say the least. I needed to restudy material from virtually the whole academic semester. I desperately needed a professional, who would guide me through the topics which were not easy to apply in practice especially while being under a lot of pressure. I had around eighteen hours of classes which worked true magic. I went from barely computing any exercises on the test, to being one of the three out twelve people who passed the first exam, and then one of the four out of seventeen who passed the second one. I am positive that without Wiola’s assistance, and her personal approach I would not be able to pass my exams that were a deciding factor regarding my studies. All the time and effort was worth it. Results speak for themselves.”

Wiktor O.

“Lessons with Wiola are like nothing you’d experience during a normal math lesson at school. She has the ability to remove all the pressure and stigma of math and create a peaceful and at times hilarious environment. Her continuous enthusiasm towards the subject and her passion for the students results in the student to progress. This of course said by someone like myself who absolutely hated the subject and was terrible at it. My grades were at times below average and thought there was no hope for me to complete the IB Standard Level Maths with a good grade. That was until I started to attend lessons with Wiola. Her constant belief in me and push towards excellence allowed me to achieve a beyond passing grade. I strongly recommend Wiola to anyone who like me struggled with math, I promise you, you will not only love the lessons but you’ll enjoy math!”

Julia Gawlińska, graduated of IES, Warsaw

“I found Mrs. Wiola while looking for a tutor in mathematics in english, around a year ago. I needed them to prepare for a scholarship of the Japanese Ministry of Education. This was one of the best choices I have made. On the first lesson I got a list of topics that i have to revise. The most important fact is that Mrs. Wiola was the one that had prepared it, she used her experience in teaching, so she was able to create it using only the three exams that were available (all together 13 questions) there is no information available about the syllabus for the exam). The second problem was the fact that I did not have contact with english terminology that is used in mathematics, as well as not having any math classes in over a year. The first problem and solved very quickly (I did not ask long lists of translated terminology), I just learned words by reading questions and definitions. I found that to be the most effective way of learning.The second problem I solved by systematical learning. In a short period of time Mrs. Wiola taught me all the material from the beginning of high school, sometimes even more. All the material was discussed very closely and clearly. It was also very well adjusted to my abilities so I was not overwhelmed with the amount of work. During each lesson with Mrs. Wiola you could see that she really enjoys teaching and is also very good at it. I personally consider her the best teacher I ever had through all the years of high school. I find her to be the best and I am willing to recommend her to everyone. Mrs. Wioletta is very good at and loves teaching mathematics, which can be seen during classes with her. Thanks to that I had succeeded in passing my exams, as the first Polish student and in 2015 I have qualified for a scholarship. That is why I would like to recommend Mrs. Wiola to everyone, whether it is in preparation for IB diploma or any other exam.”

Marcin Zujko (first year student at the University of Warsaw)

“Four months before my final mathematics exams I realized that I do not understand more than half of the material, not to mention using a Texas Instrument calculator which I did not even have, that is when I decided I needed a tutor. I found Mrs. Wiola through the internet, I knew nothing about her before the first lesson with her, I just hoped she would not burst into tears when she saw my level of mathematical knowledge. Not only did she not do that, but she also helped me overcome my fear of exams. She explained everything to me very calmly, and with extreme patience. Suddenly I started to understand maths. Not only did I understand it, I even started liking it. Excuse me? Yes. I actually do enjoy mathematics now, despite the fact that it seemed impossible two months ago. Apart from that, Texas Instrument became my favorite electronic device, right after my phone. Mrs Wojda is a very competent person with an amazing gift of passing on knowledge to others. She is also very kind, caring and open, which from my point of view makes it hard to like her.”

Klaudia Pałaś, graduated of IES, Warsaw

“My name is Adrianna Piotrowska I graduated from Nazareth High School in Warsaw. I attended mathematics lessons with Mrs. Wioletta Wojciech during the last year of IB and our cooperation blossomed during preparation for the final high school exams. As a person that has problems with maths, over a year I had to make up for the two years of IB Match Studies. Mrs. Wioletta undertook the challenge and taught me all the topics that I found hard, she did this in a very easy and fun way. Our classes took place once a week and lasted for 1.5h. During the meeting the atmosphere was very pleasant, which made hard topics seem very easy. Mrs. Wioletta’s immense patience and commitment made me want to develop further and did not block me from understanding hard problems. The amount of past papers and homework that I was required to do at home, made my study for maths to some extent independent. During further meetings, Mrs. Wiola checked previously assigned questions, in order to correct and explain the mistakes. The way she explained all the hard topics was perfectly suited to my needs, which made learning easy and started to get good results in school. Before being tutored by Mrs. I got very low grades (ex. 2), but when she taught me I started getting better, which resulted in me getting 4s and 5s. Even though Mrs. Wioletta has enormous knowledge in the field of mathematics, you can see it is also her passion, which makes it easier for her to pass on knowledge to her students. I very much enjoyed the lessons with Mrs. Wioletta and I recommend them to all students that have problems with maths but are determined to work hard.”

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